Contou Rosalía (2017) is a Spanish television movie/series produced by Zenit Television and directed by Zaza Ceballos.
It is the love story of the famous Galician poet Rosalía de Castro during her stay in Madrid.

On this occasion, in Contou Rosalía, we did the VFX of the movie. A very easy and relaxed work.

Some years later, we worked for Ezaro Films, on this occasion was for the VFX of NON ME ESPERA NINGUEN (2020) a short movie and Sol y Luna (2016). Despite this, we also did VFX for other productions such as Olvido y Leon (2020) and Onde Mais Doe (2021) both produced by Xamalu Filmes.

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Contou Rosalía


It's always fun to be able to take part in a period film with carriages, dresses, and the odd mustache.

And in this fascinating biopic of the famous poet Rosalía de Castro, it was not only fun, but it was also an honor.


Zenit Television
Contou rosalia poster in Antaruxa VFX portfolio web