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First of all, here you can see the Antaruxa news Animation Studio.

Above all, Antaruxa is an Animation Studio located in A Coruña, Galicia. As well, we have worked on several films, TV series, commercials and many other formats.

Mainly, we love to try new styles and techniques. However, we work in both 3D and 2D animation.  Also, we worked with clients from all over the world such as Disney, RTVE, Platige, etc.


Firstly, Valentina, our first co-production movie, has won the Goya Awar 2022 for Best Animated Film. As well, it has been also nominated for The Platino Awards and The Quirino Awards.


Secondary, Antaruxa has been invited to several events and talks. For example, we have been invited by AGADIC (Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais) to speak about our work and our goals for the future. Also, we have announced to be global partners of Mundos Digitales 2022.

Other projects

Thirdly, on this page, we post about other types of works like the poster we made for the new campaing of GADIS. So, don’t miss any news.

Lastly, but not least don’t forget to check the other pages of our website. On the other hand, you can know more about our projects, Antaruxa news, the clients we had worked for, and our skills at Work.

September 9, 2022|

Sandra Varela is a very versatile Antaruxer and talented artist. She knows how to express her art in different ways.

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After the hangover from Mundos Digitales we have to get back to work… but first, let’s make a short summary of these wonderful three days!

June 29, 2022|

The Master of the Incognito, our supreme Leader and stellar Patron: Brandán Álvarez, El Mágico; is part of the jury of the International Animation...

May 11, 2022|

Since a few days ago, Gadis supermarkets have been covered with their latest campaign. And guess who made the poster? Us, of course!

May 3, 2022|

We had the pleasure to talk about digital content and new media at AGADIC (Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais) together with other colleagues from...

December 10, 2021|

On December 10, Valentina (2021) premiered in theaters, a feature film in which we participated as co-producers and in which we took care of...

February 12, 2020|

Almost two years ago we received great news: Nivis had been awarded “best Mixed-Media Series” at Kidscreen 2020. The Studio (Antaruxa) has...