Hello friends! Welcome to ANTARUXA! 

We are a small and magical animation studio located in A Coruña (Galicia), in the north of Spain. We have worked in several films and tv shows with clients from all over the world. 

We worked on the documentary Another day of life (2018), on the Disney Latam Tv show Nivis (2019), and other types of work such as a music video for SandJake. Also, we have recently finished our first co-production movie, Valentina (2021), and it has been nominated to the 36th Goya Awards! It’s crazy, right?

We use different types of techniques both 2D and 3D. What’s more, we work on every step of the production: from the script to the render, going through character design, rigging, and many other tasks. 

Our team has experience of more than 5 years with a very interesting background in the industry. Some of them come from Dygra, the studio of The Living Forest – El Bosque Animado (2001) the first 3D movie in Europe. Other members have been working in many pioneering companies in the industry such as Anima Studio, El Ranchito, Ficción Producciones, Filmax, and many others.

We are always looking for new projects and different kinds of challenges. So, don’t be shy and let’s get in touch with us!

And remember, here in Antaruxa, we have the formula!