Mundo R is a Galician-Basque telephone company.Also, they have a strong presence in the north of Spain with telephone lines, internet connections and television channels. Besides, their headquarters are in A Coruña, our city. Furthermore, every year for their summer campaign they make a design for their building.

For this occasion, we worked closely with Alberto Taracido. Also, Taracido is a graphic designer and illustrator with a lot of imagination and creativity. On the other hand, he has so much imagination that we should have set limits for him. In conclusion, it was risky not to put limits on his work, but it was worth it; the result was spectacular.

Furthermore, he created a sculpture that hung from the building and pretended to pull it. It was very colourful and eye-catching. The result was a masterpiece and everyone in the city was fascinated by it. It’s something that doesn’t happen every day.

In short, it was a very interesting advertising campaign and Mundo R,  the client, trusted us completely. Here at Antaruxa Animation Studio we had fun and it was also inspiring to work with Alberto Taracido. We are looking forward to repeating a campaign like this one. We would also like to work again for R, Cable and Telecable Telecomunicaciones.

mundo r by antaruxa animation studio

Mundo r


R needed creative power and we could give it to them, but there was only one way... working side by side with Alberto Taracido. He is a true renaissance man: pencil artist, brilliant illustrator, designer of whatever you need, and engineer of the unusual.

There was just one problem: Taracido is a source of almost limitless creative power, and he could have torn the very fabric of creativity. It was risky not to put limits on his work, but it paid off; the result was spectacular!

Final Clients

Mundo R